Barry Island Race Pack!

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Barry Island Race Pack!

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Barry Island Heroes and Villains 5km Fun Run


Dear runner

Thank you for signing up and choosing to run with us next week.

Here is your event day pack. Below is all the information you need for next week’s event.

Please take the time to read this and familiarise yourself with the route to ensure you have the best experience with us.









Light Up Events Safety Brief


  1. Be aware: It can be easy to zone out whilst running, but it is important to pay attention to your surroundings. Simply being aware can be the difference between minutes or seconds of preventing an accident, especially when running on narrow paths, which small amounts of this route will be on.
  2. Marshals: Be aware of who might be marshalling and who may just be passers-by. Our marshals will either be wearing a high vis jacket or dressed in fancy dress. Please remember that our marshals are volunteers and that we have limited numbers. They will be located at key points along the route but it is important you also familiarise yourself with the route in advance. If in the unfortunate event you become lost, locate your nearest marshal, they will have the route and will be able to assist you to get you back on track.
  3. Uneven surfaces: As we’re sure you’re aware running on sand can be challenging, therefore we ask that you take care to avoid any areas that may be uneven (don’t worry, we will be walking the route on the day before you start so there shouldn’t be any holes in the sand from people digging on the beach the day before!). Other parts of the route will be on concrete and grass. We ask that you keep an eye out whilst running to avoid any injuries.
  4. Wet surfaces: (Whilst writing this we’ve got our fingers crossed it isn’t raining on the day!) Be aware of any wet surfaces or areas where you may be likely to slip. In the event of any slips or falls please locate your nearest marshal and they will call for a first aider or an ambulance.
  5. Members of the public: Due to this event taking place on a Sunday morning there may be walkers out on the route. We ask that you keep to the left-hand side of all pathways, making way for walkers or other runners.


We would like to take this opportunity to ask you to run sensibly and carefully. Most importantly, we ask that you head over to the start line and have the best running experience with us! Enjoy, and we’ll see you at the finish line!!







Getting there


If arriving by bus there a few buses that will take you to Barry. We advise that you plan your journey before the date of the run. Below we have included a map of the Cardiff Bus route.

For more information on bus times visit –


If you are arriving by train we advise you to get the earliest train on a Sunday morning if travelling from central station. The nearest train station is Barry Island. This will allow plenty of time to arrive at the Island, check in to registration and get ready for the event to start. Check in will be closing at 9:50am.


**Please be aware that the Velothon is taking place in Cardiff the same day so we ask that you plan your route accordingly**






Registration will open at 9am and will close at 9:50am, 10 minutes before the event is set to start. Registration will be at the east promenade shown below.











Upon arrival please bring your printed ticket or simply show it on your phone.

There are public toilets near the start of the event.













Parking facilities


Barry Island has several parking facilities available around where we will be starting. Below is a map of Barry Island, we have highlighted the nearest car parks for you.


Parking shouldn’t be an issue due to the event being early. However, we are unable to hold any parking spaces prior to the event.















The Route

The route will be a 5km route along sand, grass and concrete. Surfaces will be uneven in parts and one section (highlighted in yellow below) contains a few odd steps. Marshals will be strategically placed in areas we believe are more important than others. Factors such as weather may lead us to alter the route slightly close to the event. But don’t worry it will still be just as fun!

We will also be offering a 2.5km run for our little heroes and villains of the day if 5km is too much.

Below we have attached our route for you to familiarise yourself. The 5km route will involve two laps. Little heroes and villains will do one lap.

View the route here:










One last thing before we go


Our aim at Light Up Events is to provide you with a safe, fun and exciting running experience.

We’ve been waiting months for this event and cannot wait to see it happen with all of you dressed to save the day or cause chaos…

Whether you’re a hero or a villain, don’t forget the aim of this event is to raise money for The Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital.


See you Sunday!!

The Light Up Team,