About Light Up Events

Light Up Events are part a of Achieving Fitness, a small fitness company based in Cardiff. We love to see people get fit and have fun in the process. Our goal is to organise successful fundraising running events and donate money to a number of charities, as well as offer our runners the ability to give money to other charities that they choose to run for.

Our runs are different to your usual “race”. We do not tend to time our runners. We encourage you to run for fun and with your friends and family and forget about any time limits! If you want to smash your PB we recommend that you time it using a GPS, a watch or smart phone. 


Why run?

Achieving Fitness and Light Up Events are looking to improve health, fitness, and sports within Cardiff and throughout Wales. We want to help raise funds for charity, and various causes that are related to health and medical care, fitness and sports related activities and help to increase activity in Wales. Why not get involved and help a great cause?!

Who runs this?

We are a team of fitness enthusiasts who want to make a difference our local communities. We are runners, too, as well as personal trainers and sports massage therapists as a part of Achieving Fitness Ltd. We also provide fitness qualifications to other instructors under The Personal Training School.

What will I get?

You will receive a Light Up armband, glow sticks (if it’s an evening event), a medal, as well as a bottle of water and a snack.

Is the race timed?

We don’t tend to time our runners as most of our events encourage people to have fun and not compete. However, if there is an exception we would time the race. Of course, you can always time yourself using your own device.

Will there be photographs?

Yes, we usually have at least one photographer at our events.

How are the proceeds distributed to charities?

We have recently changed our approach to this, and we have partnered with charities, allowing them free and discounted spaces on the run so that they can raise money. We also offer the opportunity for charities to come to the event to raise funds and advertise. We donate a percentage of every ticket sold to our partnered charities.

We also encourage runners to support our charities via their JustGiving web page.

Will there be safety Marshals?

We usually have marshals, especially on routes that aren’t well-known to our runners. Some routes, however, are very popular for which we may only use arrow signs. In all cases you will be provided with a map of the route which will ensure you following the right track.

Can I get involved without taking part in the actual run?

Of course! We offer volunteering, too! Keen to get involved? Learn more here.