Cardiff Beer Run

We held the first ever Beer Run in Cardiff on March 24th 2018!

This run was like no other! Unlike other runs we had done this one was competitive and it required registration in teams. Participants competed in groups of 2-6 people to earn a trophy and extra beer at the end! The route to this run, although roughly 10k, didn’t have a set length. This is due to the optional challenges which if completed would add extra length to the run, with a potential of completing 15k by the end.

This run was divided into 4 maps. Every map had to be collected from allocated marshals along the route. The run started with an initial mandatory challenge. Once a team completed the challenge they unlocked their first map. Along the way the participants completed optional fun challenges and riddles to earn extra points which added up at the end. Some challenges were mandatory as they unlocked the following map needed to continue the route.

This was the first event of this sort we had done and we are so pleased with the result! We are definitely going to hold another one so keep posted for our future events!

Here are some photos from the day…


At the start:

One of the challenges along the way to earn points was archery:

The winners with most points collected from all the challenges:

For obvious reasons you are going to need to be 18 years old to enter this event and we will be checking… Even if you have a beard! Please bring a photo ID.