Cardiff Beer Run

The first ever Beer Run in Cardiff!

Some run for glory. Others for the medal. Many for their own personal challenges. But there are those who want a damn good reason to run! How about … beer?!

Here at Light up Events we want to give you the ultimate running experience.

So what is this?

The Cardiff Beer run is more like an adventure with some beer at the end!

This is a team event – you can register of teams up to 6 people. Unlike the other runs we organise this one will be a competitive one!

At the start you will be given a challenge to complete to unlock the map. This is where the fun really begins. Then along the route there will be some optional challenges which will give you extra points. The team with the most points at the end gets a special prize.

Your route will challenge you in many ways. You’ll have to navigate around Cardiff as quickly as possible, completing the fun and exciting challenges along the way, decoding messages and working as a team to complete them.

As you complete your run you will be knocking up between 5km and 15km. You will get to decide your route on the day!

At the end of the course we will meet at Bierkeller and you will be rewarded for your fancy dress, the number of successful challenges, the funniest selfie, and much more! Finish off the day with a pint and enjoy your evening.

Sounds fun? Then grab your TICKETS here!

For obvious reasons you are going to need to be 18 years old to enter this event and we will be checking… Even if you have a beard! Please bring a photo ID.