Terms and Conditions | Refunds

Terms and Conditions | Refunds

As a company we want you to feel that you can trust us, and this is why we are open and transparent about our pricing, services and terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions –

By purchasing our tickets you are agreeing to terms and conditions of sales. The document can be found here:  terms and conditions.

Refund policy

As a rule we do not accept refunds, this is simply because the moment that you buy a ticket we are starting to incur costs. We are more than happy to move your ticket to an event of equal value, we have many events running throughout the year, so if you can’t make one, let us know no later than 14 days before the event and we can move you to a new event. Our full refund policy is here: refund policy.

Bag Drop

Our bag drop areas are supervised by volunteers. Please be aware that we take no responsibility for the items left at bag drop, but we offer to store your bag and return to you on the evening providing you have your race number affixed to the bag. We take no responsibility for the loss or damage to your items.