Virtual Running

Virtual Running

Virtual running is sweeping the globe as the latest fitness trend.

What is virtual running and how does it work?

Virtual running sounds a bit weird but stick with me here. Now before you think you can just pretend to run, it’s not quite like that! Virtual running basically works in the same way as any other type of running event or challenge, but the difference is that the race can be run at your own convenience. In other words, you don’t need to wait until Saturday at 9 to register. You can run the race on a treadmill or out on the road, or even walk! You simply have to record the run, and then submit your proof online.

People take part in virtual runs and races not just for the awesome medal bling. Many take part to commit to running a certain distance, challenge their friends, raise funds for a charity or simply to just have fun.

Four steps to a medal.

Step 1 – Find the run that tickles your fancy and sign up

Step 2 – As soon as the race is open (usually a month) you can go and run the distance, ensuring you follow any rules.

For example, some challenges of 10km runs will state that it must be one single run. Whereas distance challenges are usually accumulated runs.

You have to use a tracker such as a Fitbit, MapMyRun, Strava, Garmin or something similar to collect your evidence. You can take a picture of your watch or screenshot the app.

Step 3 –  Submit that evidence – You will be able to send your evidence in as often as you need, your run pack will tell you how.

Step 4 – Once we review the evidence and approve it, your medal gets shipped out to you!

Want to see what runs are active?

View our active runs here

July – Heroes and Villains run for The Outward Bounds Trust

You will select Team Heroes or Team Villains and virtually battle it out throughout the month to become the best team! Winners will be the team who completes the most distance as a team! Everyone gets a medal!

Enter for just £10 and we will be donating £2 from each entry to the Outward Bounds Charitable Trust.

Click here for more details.