Volunteer with Us

If you want to get involved in any of our events but running isn’t for you, then we’ve got the answer…. VOLUNTEER!

We’ve got many different volunteering roles! Find the best one for you…


Cheering on runners as they pass will be your main objective of the day, alongside pointing runners in the right direction to prevent them from getting lost. (Marshalls will receive a high vis jacket or event t shirt, map of the route and light up arm band for night events).



Colour Area Volunteer

(Applies only to our 5K Colour Splash run)
What could be more fun, exciting and satisfying than spending a Saturday throwing powdered paint over runners? We can’t think of anything!! (all volunteers will be provided with a Colour Splash t-shirt and lots and lots of paint!!).



General Volunteers
If you love meeting new people then this is the role for you! We expect over 500 runners in every event and this makes it hard to speak to everyone who has any questions. You will be responsible for helping anyone with a question and making sure that they are happy.

Registration Desk
Your role will be to check runners in and hand them their race starter packs. This spot will be the busiest and need a lot of volunteers!

We provide food and drinks for our volunteers. You will be looked after! 🙂 Volunteers also receive an event T-shirt (if there’s one for the particular event) and an information pack.

Already excited to get involved? Register with us today!

Simply fill in the form below to sign up today with the area you’d most like to volunteer in.
If you know anyone who may want to volunteer, too, please send them this link.